FAQ For WichDOC Clients

ANS: Our site is currently available in BC, Canada but will soon be launching Canada-wide as well as expanding to the United States, Asia and Europe.
ANS: No, WichDOC only recommends the appropriate disciplines to deal with your condition(s). We do not provide any diagnosis or direct health support.
ANS: No, the site/app is completely free to download and use.
ANS: Once you decide on who to see or where to go, simply click on the booking icon on the practitioner or clinic page. You can then proceed to book an appointment at that location.
ANS: Yes! WichDOC only allows ratings from users who have actually been treated by the practitioner.
ANS: Thank you, we love it too! Social media provides a good means to introduce WichDOC to your friends so tell your friend about this! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN
ANS: WichDOC is completely FREE to use and will always be.
ANS: This depends on the discipline and individual practices. It is best to contact the clinics directly for this information.
ANS: To review a practitioner or clinic, you must have received treatment at that facility. After your visit, you will receive an email inviting you to rate your experience.
ANS: WichDOC has no control over individual practitioner or clinic cancellation or no show policies. Please contact the practitioner or clinic directly regarding these concerns.
We highly suggest that you do not miss your appointment as the time has been especially reserved for you.
ANS: Simply go to “My Profile” section and you will find your treatment history along with the clinics/practitioners that you most recently visited.
ANS: WichDoc only selects and lists practitioners who are Board certified by their respective Associations an Colleges. We also have a rating system for each practitioner so you can make an informed decision.