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Jumpstart Your Health with a FREE Body Fat Analysis & Consultation

Don’t have time to exercise but still want to lose some weight? You can jumpstart your weight loss journey on WichDOC!

What is % Body Fat?

Body fat is the amount of fat in your body as compared to everything eles. The range varies in men and women and also with age. By using a high tech scale, one can access your % body fat based on your sex, age, and height. This provides a good start to determine where you are at and to what level you would like to achieve. Sometimes looks may be deceiving where a person may look to be in shape but in actuality may have a higher than normal body fat percentage.

scale used for body fat analysis


Using an electronic scale, we can quickly and effectively determine your % body fat and compare that to the standards set for males and females. This will then provide a good reference point to manage or maintain your health.

Our Consultation

consultation for weight loss


During your FREE consultation, you will have a chance to find out how a combination of acupuncture and proper eating habits can stimulate your body’s metabolism and reach her health goals under a clinical setting.

To make your appointment, simple scan the following QR code or click HERE

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There are limited appointments per day so don’t wait - BOOK NOW!

Terms and Conditions:
1. Limited time offer. 
2. Not everyone may get the same results

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